Welcome to our website. We will be adding new content on a regular basis so please visit often. This web site is set up as a memorial to our various Luter/Lewter families, past, present and future. I would like it to serve as a display of our past family members perseverance and fortitude in making life better for their descendants.  The result of this site is not due to the efforts of one person, but, rather, the combined efforts of numerous family members. Rather than taking the results of each person’s research and listing each by it’s own heading, I have combined everyone’s research into one descending chart. This result, I am hoping, will make for easier reading and greater organization. To all of you that have shared the results of your years of research, I owe a special debt of gratitude.   It’s my sincere and deepest desire that this site and accompanying books will provide enjoyable reading for my family members and help with their own research and provide answers for those just starting their own family research. However, no information on this site can be used for financial gain or another web site without the written permission of the site Administrator and only then when proper credit is given.    ____________________________________________________________ BOOKS FOR SALE: LUTER/LEWTER FAMILIES OF AMERICA Vol. I Hardy Luter/Lewter and his Descesdants. By John V. Burns                                           Price     $40.00  Make Checks out to John v. Burns and mail to:            John v. Burns                                                                                                   44064 Stony Gap Road                                                                                                      Albemarle, NC 28001  All proceeds from the sale of this book and the others to follow will go toward the restoration and preservation of our family cemeteries. If you would like to make a donation for this cause, please make your checks out to and mail to the above.     All the Lewters in America and a good bunch of the Luters plus a branch of the Luther families can trace their ancestry back to four brothers in Southampton County, Virginia: John, Matthew, Giles and Hardy. 
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    This web site is intended as a memorial to my mother Evelyn Lila Lewter Burns     And my grand father James  Franklin Lewter. As well as the entire Lewter Family.